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Chino & Nacho’s Return, Tainy’s Solo EP & More New Music

Chino & Nacho – “Raro” (Universal Music Group)

After a four-year hiatus embarking on their solo careers, Chyno Miranda and Nacho have returned as a duo with the release of “Raro.” The highly awaited Chino & Nacho comeback was born thanks to their fans on social media asking the Venezuelan artists to record together again. “Raro,” which translates to rare, is a pop tropical fusion that best characterizes the Chino & Nacho essence. Directed by Daniel Duran, the music video (and single) tells the story of a rare-kind-of-love, one that’s not found nowadays. In the clip, Chino & Nacho are seen together like the good ole’ days as different couples, young, old, interracial and same-sex, are living their best life despite it all. As of now, Chino & Nacho only have plans for releasing this track together. Watch the music video below. — JESSICA ROIZ

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