Mark Wahlberg Dethrones Dwayne Johnson to Become the Highest-Paid Actor on Earth

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is no longer the highest-paid actor on the planet. Mark Wahlberg, last seen in the widely panned robot comedy Transformers: The Last Knight, is now on top of Forbes‘ annual list, with a pretax haul of $68 million during the 12-month ranking period.

Despite failing to secure the top spot, Johnson still had a phenomenal year. Though the much-hyped Baywatch didn’t exactly do memorable numbers at the box office, Johnson—thanks to his HBO hit Ballers and the forthcoming Jumanji sequel—still brought in $65 million. Last year, Johnson topped the Forbes ranking with a mere $64.5 million.

Elsewhere in the top 10, Tom Cruise is still making Tom Cruise money, and Adam Sandler is seeing dividends from his Netflix-assisted return. Check out the 10 highest-paid actors on the face of the earth below, carefully listed in reverse order for no real reason:

  • Akshay Kumar $35.5 million
  • Salman Khan $37 million
  • Shah Rukh Khan $38 million
  • Tom Cruise $43 million
  • Robert Downey Jr. $48 million
  • Jackie Chan $49 million
  • Adam Sandler $50.5 million
  • Vin Diesel $54.5 million
  • Dwayne Johnson $65 million
  • Mark Wahlberg $68 million

As expected, the latest highest-paid actors ranking shows the gender pay gap is still alive and well. If you combine the earnings of this year’s top 10 highest-paid actors, the haul is almost three times as large as the combined income of the top 10 highest-paid actresses.​ Forbes cites ageism, lack of roles, and fewer opportunities for backend profit deals as factors in this glaring disparity.

Wahlberg will next be seen in the largely robot-free comedy Daddy’s Home 2, alongside Will Ferrell and Mel Gibson. The premise, judging by the previous movie, the trailer and various context clues, revolves around multiple fathers coming home.


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