Haim’s second album was put on hold after producer Ariel Rechtshaid was diagnosed with cancer

“He’s such an integral part of our lives”.

Haim have revealed that the recording of their second album was put on hold after producer Ariel Rechtshaid was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

The producer, who is also the boyfriend of Danielle Haim, was diagnosed in 2015 – just as the band began the studio sessions for ‘Something To Tell You’.

Now, they’ve revealed that his cancer battle was the real reason for taking four years to release their second album, after previously claiming that the delay was due to the fact they write and produce their own music.

Speaking to NME, they revealed that he’s now overcome the illness, but opened up on how the emotion of the situation eventually shaped the record.
“He’s such an integral part of our lives. Ariel’s our brother, he’s everything. And when he got diagnosed, all we thought about was, ‘We’re here to support you and we love you’. Nothing else mattered”, Alana Haim said.


It’s scary when you see someone you love, who you would do anything for, have to go through something as scary as testicular cancer. We had focused so much on his health because that’s honestly all that matters. Obviously that took a toll on the record because we had to make sure Ariel was healthy and I would never take that back. Even though it took longer to complete this record, I would not change a second of it, and now he’s OK – thank God! – we’re so happy.
“This record is full of emotion and everything we were going through at that point. You can hear it on the record how emotional we were. It was a very big deal.”



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