Foo Fighters have discussed why they chose Adele producer Greg Kurstin to helm their new album ‘Concrete And Gold‘.

While Adele herself is rumoured to appear on the new record, the band specifically sought out her producer Kurstin, also famed for his work with likes of Sia, Tegan And Sara and many more, to take them out of both of their comfort zones.

As a result, they pushed to make an album that is “extremely heavy at times and completely the opposite with lush musical sections and crazy interludes at other times”.

“If you want to survive you have to kind of push a little bit,” frontman Dave Grohl told Music Week. “I just imagined the sound moving outwards. Not necessarily alternative instrumentation and shit like that, just sonically to push it out. Greg is a fucking genius. He’s a brilliant producer and he has this sonic intuition that I have never seen in anybody else.